How to Convert PDF to Google Docs

In today’s digital age, document sharing and collaboration are essential in various fields, from education to business. Google Docs has revolutionized the way people work together on documents by providing a free, cloud-based platform that enables real-time collaboration, sharing, and editing.

However, there are times when a PDF version of a document is needed, such as when sending official documents or creating a more polished and professional-looking document. In this case, converting a Google Docs document to PDF is necessary. In this article, we walk you through the steps to convert PDF files to editable Google Docs files. 

Save PDF to Google Doc

Google Drive also offers the option to convert PDF to a Google doc. All you have to do is drag and drop the PDF to your Drive, double-click on it, and pick the option to open it as a Google doc.

Google will use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract the content of your document into an editable Google doc. You can now make any necessary edits or changes to the document.

It’s important to note that the conversion process may not be perfect and there may be some formatting or content changes in the converted document.

Convert PDF to Google Docs with accurate formatting 

If you want to convert PDF to Google Docs without format changing, we sincerely recommend you to use the method— Convert the PDF to a Word document before opening in Docs, which can keep as much original formatting as possible. 

In this way, you can rely on our converter, ONEPDF to help you save your PDF to Word format, and then try to export it as a Google doc.

  1. Upload your file to the free PDF to Word converter.
  2. Select or drop your files into the box and wait for ONEPDF for seconds to convert your files.
  3. Go to your Google Drive  > New > File Upload
  4. When the Word file has been uploaded to your Drive, right-click and select Open with > Google Docs.

Save Google Doc Back to PDF Using ONEPDF

Similarly, To start off, save the Google doc as a .docx file, by going to “File,” and then “Download”. Once you’ve downloaded the document, follow these steps:

  • Go to the ONEPDF Word to PDF  tool.
  • Drag and drop the .docx into the field.
  • Hit “Free Download” to save your PDF or continue editing.

Import a PDF as a picture into a Google Doc

Do you wish to use Google Docs as an alternative to converting a PDF? Use this way to insert PDF pages as images into your Doc in order to convey crucial information to your readers.

Here’s how to import a PDF as a picture into a Google Doc:

  1. Go to the PDF to JPG  tool.
  2. Upload the PDF from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  3. Select Download JPG images to save the files to your local storage, or upload them to the cloud platforms.
  4. Open your Google Doc and go to Insert > Image > Upload from your computer.
  5. Find the JPG files you just downloaded.
  6. Highlight the files you want to add to your Google Doc and select Open.

Put a PDF as a shared link into a Google Doc

You can attach a PDF to your Google Doc by utilizing Google Drive. If you want to add information from PDFs to a Google Doc but don’t want to bother with uploading the pages themselves, this is an excellent option.

Let’s pretend you have a PDF-heavy internal company document. By simply sending over a link, you can make Documents available to others without having to send along dozens or even dozens of PDFs.

Insert a PDF link into a Google Doc:

  1. Upload or save the PDF to Google Drive if you haven’t already.
  2. Find the PDF you want to share inside your Google Drive.
  3. Right-click the file and select Get link.
  4. Choose the Share settings to decide who has access to the file.
  5. Click Copy link.
  6. Open the Google Doc that requires the PDF link.
  7. Paste the link inside of your Doc.
  8. Clicking the hyperlink will open up the PDF in a separate window. 

More Conversion of ONEPDF

We hope this post has been helpful in answering your questions about the similarities, differences, and conversion between PDF and Google Docs. In addition, if you are a business person or student who frequently deals with PDF documents, you may need ONEPDF, a free online PDF tool.

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