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Why Compress PDF?

Compressing PDF file sizes ensures you efficiency and flexibility in emailing, transferring and storage, as well as easily relieves your device's storage space.

Reduce PDF Size with ONEPDF's Best PDF Compressor

One click to shrink the size of large PDFs for free while still keeping the maximum PDF clarity.

PDF Compression with Multiple Options

3 compression levels to choose from to resize files while optimizing document quality without compromising quality. All your needs will be fulfilled.

Efficient & Trustworthy PDF Compression Tool

ONEPDF offers powerful compression algorithms that effectively reduce the file size of PDF documents within seconds. No more obstacles to your productivity.

Allow Batches Compression

ONEPDF allows you to slim down up to 20 PDF files simultaneously, saving time and effort, particularly beneficial for dealing with large amounts of PDF documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to decrease the file size of a PDF?
  • Sliming down PDF files can be easy and handy using ONEPDF. Simply upload the PDF document you need to compress, select the compression level based on your needs, wait for the process and save the resulting file to your device.
  • If you need bacth compressions, just drag and drop all the files at a time to the box and continue the same process. Users are allowed to upload up to 20 files for compression at a time.
What is the best compression setting?
  • Extreme compression: Good Quality, Smallest file size (Estimated compression: 67%)
  • Recommended compression: High Quality, Medium file size (Estimated compression: 37%)
  • Light compression: Best Quality, Less compression (Estimated compression: 26%)
  • Select the compression that best suits your requirements. For instance, if you intend to email or share your PDF files, we recommend you to choose Extreme Compression as it offers the smallest file size. If your purpose is to store the PDF files, Recommended Compression will be a good choice. Simply try different compression levels to figure out the best for you.
Will the quality of my PDF be affected after compression?
Your PDF's quality might be slightly affeted if you select Extreme Compression. However, ONEPDF strives to minimize the quality loss even at Extreme Compression level. if this is a concern for you, we recommend selecting the Recommended Compression option for resizing your PDF.
    Will the compressed PDF be compatible with different PDF readers and software?
    Yes. Triming down PDF sizes will not change its layouts or formats. Hence, you can be assured of compatibility with the original document structure and formatting. No matter what PDF readers or software you are using, the resulting PDFs will be well displayed.