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How to Watermark A PDF Online?

Upload A PDF

Drag and drop your PDF into the box

Add Text/Image Watermark

Choose the ‘Place Text/Image’ button at the sidebar. And a watermark will be added

Rotate or Change Position on Page

Click and drag the text watermark to change the location on the PDF page

Change Transparency

Select the transparency of the watermark, there is four kinds of choices optional

When Do You Need to Apply Watermark to PDF Pages?

In some cases, it may be necessary to add watermarks to these documents to ensure your document’s security and authenticity. Copyright protection, document forgery prevention, and the safekeeping of sensitive data are just a few of the many uses for watermarks.

Watermark PDF Online

Apply an image or text over your PDF in seconds for free. Choose the typography, transparency, and position

Support Text, Image or Logo Watermarks

Type in the text or upload an image or logo to watermark PDF online. You can choose where to locate the watermark and check it in a preview mode before making changes. It will not distract attention from the main content.

Watermark Your PDF For Validity

No more worrying about PDF file expiration. Induce two types of watermarks featuring text, and images in your documents. Manage their ratios, opacity, and other visual properties with assorted options.

Add Watermark to PDF in Seconds

Free, fast and easy way to choose the placement and create watermark for PDF files. A unique logo or text watermark on your PDF helps identify ownership and build your brand image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this watermark creator compatible with Windows?
  • Our online watermark maker can work seamlessly on any OS including Windows, Mac, Linux and smartphone. All you need is internet connection and PDF file upload.
Can I batch watermark to different pages in my PDF?
Sure! Watermarking multiple PDF pages at once is possible. The process is easy, too; just make a list of the page numbers you'd like to watermark in bulk. It's that simple and efficient.
    How to add watermark to PDF without Acrobat?
    Simply go to watermark creator tool by ONEPDF and upload the desired file. Enter text or upload an image, then adjust the position(top, middle or bottom). Finally save the new PDF with watermark.