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Why Convert PNG Image to PDF?

Converting PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files to PDF format can compress the size of screenshots or images for more convenient file sharing. You can open PDF file on nearly all devices, from personal computers to mobile phones. Plus, unlike most image formats, you can passport protect PDF documents with secure encryption.

Convert PNG to PDF Right Now by ONEPDF

Multifunctional image to PDF converter lets you share the files more easily without losing quality.


PDF files are often used in printing applications, and converting PNG to PDF files can ensure that the image is properly formatted and ready for printing.

One-Click Conversion

No need to install or configure anything! This PNG to PDF converter supports all operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. Just upload your file and turn PNG image to PDF document in a few clicks.

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Use this PNG to PDF converter online free and access a set of other useful PDF conversion tools, while keeping your data secure. It won't cost a dime whatever you upload, convert or download.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn PNG images into PDF without software?
Desktop PDF converter like Acrobat Adobe may require you to upgrade to premium version or install software. However, online PDF tool such as ONEPDF lets you convert PNG to PDF without downloading software.
    Can I change PNG to PDF on Mac?
    Yes, ONEPDF can perform all devics, including Windows, Mac and Linux. All you need is upload a image and wait for the engine to conversion change PNG images to PDF in seconds.
      Does converting PNG image to PDF lose quality?
      No, conversion of PNG to PDF remains the original quality of your file. Once you use ONEPDF's PNG to PDF converter, the compression level of your file is preserved. Your image does not undergo any quality loss. The converted PDF file will be identical to your original file.