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Why Convert PDF to Word?

PDF files cannot be easily edited for free, but DOC/DOCX files can. With ONEPDF, you can edit PDF files for free by converting them to Word format.

Convert PDF to Word without Losing Original Formatting

ONEPDF features advanced data processing capabilities to automatically scan, identify, and convert your PDFs to Word quickly and without losing formatting.

Convert PDF to Word with High Accuracy

Our PDF to Word converter ensures high accuracy in converting the content, layout, and formatting of the original PDFs into Word format. Enjoy the extreme convenience of PDF conversion that retains fonts, images, tables, and other elements as faithfully as possible.

Scan PDF to DOC/DOCX With OCR Technology

With OCR(Optical Character Recognition) supported, ONEPDF effectively recognizes and extracts text from images in PDFs, making it editable in Word. OCR has revolutionized the way we handle PDF documents and boosted efficiency as well as productivity.

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ONEPDF works on all devices and all operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux. Whether you are using cellphones, laptops or iPads, you can have unlimited access to our tool for seamless file conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ONEPDF convert a scanned or image-based PDF to Word?
Definitely yes! Featuring OCR technology, ONEPDF allows you to transfer a scanned PDF to Word file in just a few clicks. Simply upload the scanned PDF to our platform and it will automatically recognize the text in the scanned document and turn it into an editable Word file. All you need to do is waiting for the process and downloading the file to your device. No worries about the quality as all the layout and formatting will be retained.
    Are there any file size limitations for conversion?
    Yes. The maximum file size allowed for conversion is 1GB. Otherwise, your PDFs can't be uploaded successfully. If your PDF file exceeds this size limit, try to reduce the file size or spilt the PDF into several files. It's important to ensure that your PDF file is within the specified size limit to successfully convert it to Word format using ONEPDF.
      How long does it typically take to convert a PDF to Word?
      Usually, the time it takes to change a PDF to Word depends on the size and complexity of the document. With ONEPDF, the powerful online PDF to Word conversion tool, normally it will only cost you seconds. However, it's possible that a bit more time is needed if it deals with large-size documents.
        Is the converted Word document compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word?
        Yes. When using ONEPDF, you may choose from .doc or .docx formats for Word conversion. Both formats are widely supported by Microsoft Word. Whether you are using an older version or the latest release of Microsoft Word, you will be able to open and work with the converted Word document without any compatibility issues.