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How to Merge PDF?

Upload PDF

Drag and drop your PDF files into the box

Merge PDF in Seconds

Wait for ONEPDF for seconds to merge your PDF files

Download PDF File

Click Download and save your file

Why Merge PDF?

Megring PDFs allows you effortlessly organize, collaborate and archive multiple PDF documents. Simply your work flow and boost productivity today!

Merge PDF Files in Seconds with Ease

ONEPDF's PDF Merger brings you more than one benefits.

Extensive PDF Capabilities

ONEPDF is a conprehensive platform, allowing users to combine or separate PDF files with ease. Only with a few clicks, you could easily merge or split PDFs and get the perfect results for free.

Merge PDF Online in Your Own Way

Simply upload multiple PDF files and rearrange the order based on your specific needs. Get the customized PDFs within seconds.

Merge a Batch of PDF Files

ONEPDF enables you to merge up to 20 PDF files at once, which saves your time and effort. This PDF combiner is more than sufficient for your daily merging needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to combine PDF files?
  • Merging PDF via ONEPDF is easy. Simply upload your PDF documents on our platform, arrange the order if needed, start the merging process and download the resulting file to your device. Only with a few clicks! Simple and easy!
  • ONEPDF is completely free and all users could have unlimited access to our platform. Feel free to explore this comprehensive PDF tool.
Is it possible to split a merged PDF file into multiple files?
  • Yes, you can split a merged PDF file into multiple files using our Split PDF tool. It allows you to extract one single page or a range of pages and save them as separate PDF documents.
How do I rearrange the order of PDFs during merging?
  • There're two simple ways for you to arrange the order of PDF files during merging.
  • a. Clear all the PDF files in the merging box and re-upload them in your specific order.
  • b. Simply click and drag the PDF files to the preferred order and start the merging process.
  • You could always preview the merging PDF before downloading it to your device.
Can I merge PDF files with different page sizes?
  • Absolutely! Whatever the page size of PDF files, you could combine these files into a single PDF document with the same size. However, the content within the original PDFs may be slightly affected in terms of clarity and size, such as fonts, images, and charts.