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Why Convert Word to PDF?

Converting Word to PDF files nicely preserves its original formatting and maintains compatibility, and hence, PDFs are ideal for sharing and printing. PDF usually has a smaller size and is better for long-term archiving.

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No matter how much content or image is in the Word file, ONEPDF turns it into PDF in seconds. Save time and boost efficiency in any streamline.

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Only with a few clicks, ONEPDF helps you convert DOC/DOCX files into PDF formats instantly. The whole process is smooth and seamless.

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The converted files will be deleted automatically once the conversion is done. Our powerful conversion engine ensures that no content from the file will be leaked or compromised, allowing every user to use our PDF file converter with confidence.

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PDF Converter makes reading and sharing anywhere with any device possible, whether it's a cellphone, PC, laptop, or iPad. Use ONEPDF to retain any Word files' formatting and solve inconveniences easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the converter support hyperlinks and bookmarks in the resulting PDF?
Yes. ONEPDF keeps all the formats of your Word files, including hyperlinks and bookmarks. This means that the hyperlinks in the converted PDF will remain clickable and functional, allowing users to navigate to specific sections or external resources. Additionally, any bookmarks created in the Word document will be preserved in the PDF as well.
    Are there any limitations on the number of conversions or the frequency of use?
    The whole platform is completely free, meaning users could have an unlimited number of conversions. However, users do need to sign up and log in to unlock the feature. Otherwise, they are allowed to download the converted file only once.
      Is it possible to adjust the settings or quality of the converted PDF?
      Unfortunately no. However, we ensure you all Word files are converted and output as high-quality PDFs, maintaining all the original formats and layouts. The conversion process is designed to be seamless, ensuring that the resulting PDFs accurately reflect the content of the Word document.
        How can I convert Word to PDF offline?
        Currently, ONEPDF only supports online file conversion. If you have no access to the internet and need an offline PDF converter instead, you may explore various desktop software options available in the market. However, unlike ONEPDF, they often come with associated costs or fees.