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Why Convert PDF to Excel XLS/XLSX?

Using integrated OCR technology, you can easily extract PDF tables and other content into a single Excel spreadsheet. No more wast time copying text manually, let PDF to XlS converter do the rest of work. You can instantly analyze and edit the data in the way you want.

Convert PDF to Excel in An Accurate Way

Make data analysis easier and simplify your workflow by using online PDF converter. ONEPDF can save PDF as Excel spreadsheet for free. No training or onboarding needed!

Fast and Accurate PDF to Excel Conversion

Export your native or scanned PDF to Excel spreadsheet in a few clicks without losing quality. ONEPDF offers exceptional speed, scalability and high visual fidelity. It will maintain the original formatting for easy editting.

Scanned PDF to Excel with OCR

ONEPDF can extract text from PDF to Excel spreadsheet using OCR technique. You can upload PDFs that contain scans or images, such as receipts, photos, etc. ONEPDF will convert them to editable Excel format.

Keep Data Safe

ONEPDF combines with SSL encryption and regular server clean ups to keep your files safe. All uploaded files will be deleted promptly after PDF to Excel conversion. Your files are safe on your local storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Files Can I Convert to?
With online PDF to Excel Converter, you can easily change PDF to Excel, more specifically to XLS and XLSX formats. The conversion can be done from any OS, like Windows, Mac, Linux or any other device. All you need for it to work is an internet connection.
    How accurate are PDF to Excel converters?
    The accuracy of PDF to Excel conversion depends on the complexity of the PDF file and the quality of the conversion software. Luckily, with ONEPDF, you can have the most accuracy considering the advanced OCR technique that ONEPDF has applied.
      How to convert PDF to Excel without downloading software?
      ONEPDF is an online free PDF Tool you can use. No need to download software. Using ONEPDF by entering the website in your browser and dropping your files into the box. Then ONEPDF will do the rest.
        Can I edit the data in the Excel file after it's been converted from a PDF?
        Yes, you can edit the data in the Excel file after it's been converted from a PDF. The Excel file will have all the data from the PDF, including text and numbers, and you can edit it just like any other Excel file.