Extract PDF Pages

Extract text, images and metadata from PDF files online

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How to Extract Pages from a PDF File?

Upload PDF File

Upload your file to the online PDF extractor tool

Select PDF Pages

Select PDF pages to extract into a separate document

Download Extracted PDF

Save extracted PDF pages as a new PDF document

Why You Need a PDF Page Extractor?

Extracting text, images and data from PDF files is an integral part of data management workflow. It allows organization to convert unstructured text to structured data. Pages are copied and saved as a new PDF document. The quality of your PDF files remains exactly the same.

Export Data Through Online PDF File Extractor

Save one page of PDF in just a few clicks. ONEPDF will automatically creates a new, separate PDF file of your selected pages.

Time-saving Solution

ONEPDF, a free PDF page extraction tool, can separate file pages online to help you create a new PDF file with the same pages effectively, no need to manually delete the numerous parts you don't want.

Multi-device Compatibility

ONEPDF can seamlessly work with various devices without compromising the quality of your PDF files. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone&iPad.

Smooth Page Extraction Process

Cut a few pages from a PDF in the visual interface without losing quality. PDF text extractor is easy to navigate and you don't have to configure anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use ONEPDF to extract PDF pages offline?
No, it requires internet connection to run PDF extract tool. Simply select the page you want to extract and create your new PDF document online.
    Is it possible to extract PDF pages from multiple PDF files at a time?
    • No. Now this file extractor only allows you to grab and get the pages from one single PDF file.
    Can I extract other file pages like Excel using this file extractor?
    No. This extracting tool is only for PDF files. Uploading other format files like Excel or Word is unavailable, but you can use our PDF converter to convert Excel to PDF first and then use this PDF pages extractor.
      Will extracted pages be deleted from my original PDF?
      No, the file extractor can create a new PDF document online that contains only the extracted pages while keeping your original PDF file intact, resulting in two separate files.