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ONEPDF's PDF Unlocker allows you to regain access to password-protected content in one click. Get the freedom back to use your PDFs as you want - reading, editing, sharing, printing, and more.

Powerful Online PDF Password Remover

Unlock the PDF files using this PDF password removing tool to let you get convenience when forget the key.

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Using ONEPDF to unlock encrypted PDF documents allows you regain full access to your files. No more obstacles for viewing, editing, annotating, sharing or printing PDFs.

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ONEPDF is a cloud-based software and can be accessed on any device with a network connection. Unlocking PDFs online becomes easy, convenient and efficient.

Don't Let Locked PDFs Hinder Your Productivity

Retrieve a seamless workflow and boost productivity with ONEPDF's PDF unlocker! No longer hindered by password restritions or encryption.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I unlock a password-protected PDF?
  • Unlocking a password-protected PDF using ONEPDF only needs three steps.
  • 1. Upload your encrypted PDF document to the site
  • 2. Type the correct password to remove the restrictions and start the unlocking process
  • 3. Download the resulting PDF to your device
Can I unlock a PDF file without the password?
  • Unfortunately no, you can't unlock a PDF file without the correct password. Bypassing the password without permission or the correct password key can be really challenging and barely possible through legitimate means.
  • Suppose you have forgotten the password for a PDF file. In that case, it is recommended to try any possible passwords that you might have used or consider any password recovery options available for the specific software or service you used to encrypt the PDF.
  • However, we do recommend you carefully encrypt any important PDF files and store your password just in case it's restricted by any means.
Can I unlock other files like Excel?
  • No. This password unlock tool is only designed for removing the password from PDF files. File formats like Excel, Word, and PPT cannot be unlocked via our platform.
  • However, we recommend exploring alternative solutions or tools specifically designed for unlocking passwords in those file formats.