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Why Convert Excel XLS/XLSX to PDF?

PDF documents can be opened on different devices or software versions while retaining formatting of your Excel tables. Plus, turning Excel to PDF can make sure all important information in your spreadsheet will not be edited. You can share the file on the internet more easily.

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Huge data in the spreadsheet makes it difficult for multiple people to collaborate and visually dizzy. PDF conversion solves it when dealing with financial models or quarterly reports

Security and Safety

PDFs can be password protected and encrypted, which helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures the confidentiality of documents. Especially important when sharing sensitive or confidential information.


Converting Excel to PDF offers a consistent viewing experience across different devices and platforms, ensuring the recipient sees the file exactly as you intended.


Our Excel to PDF conversion works across all platforms, regardless of which operating system you're using - Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save Excel as PDF online?
Sure, you only need to connect with internet to convert Excel to PDF. There is no need to install any special software or programs. Simply upload Excel spreadsheet and get converted file in a single click completely for free.
    How do I convert Excel to PDF without losing formatting?
    Try ONEPDF's Excel to PDF converter, no need to adjust any format, it will sync-convert the layout so it looks the same as that in Excel.
      Will the PDF file be searchable?
      No. Our PDF converter does not save the user's file data, all of them will be deleted after you close ONEPDF page, and your PDF files will not be searched.