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Why Convert PowerPoint to PDF?

Converting PowerPoint to PDF maintains fixed formats and layouts, ideal for printing and sharing. The compact size of PDFs also makes them easy to share and archive.

Convert PPT to PDF Files by ONEPDF

Convert PowerPoint Slides into PDF documents Seamlessly and Easily

Convert PPT to PDFs for Easy Sharing and Distribution

PDFs are highly portable and compact in size, and hence, are ideal for sharing and distributing via email, web, or other channels. PPT to PDF conversions allow you to send the files to those who may not have access to PowerPoint, ensuring they can view the content on any device.

Fixed Layouts of PowerPoint for Multiple Purposes

Unlike PPT/PPTX, PDFs are not easy to edit or get disorder during sharing, printing or archiving. Converting PowerPoint slides to PDFs ensures you get the content with fixed and orginal layouts. No more worries about display errors in PPTs.

Cross-platform PDF Converter

ONEPDF features a cloud-based service and can be accessed on various platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, cellphones, computers and iPad. All you need is network connection and a device near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Save PowerPoint as PDF on Mac?
Open PPT to PDF page, upload your PPT in the dropzone box first and download your result PDF file. ONEPDF has no limitation on computer systems as it's a web-based platform. Hence, users can have free access to ONEPDF on Mac, Windows, cellphones, iPad, etc., as long as there's network connection.
    Is this PPT to PDF converter free to use?
    • Yes, you can use ONEPDF for free to turn PowerPoint to PDF. It supports Microsoft Powerpoint presentations in PPT format along with a more up-to-date PPTX format. You can also rest assured that we won't spoil your files with watermarks.
    • Besides this tool, you could have complete access to all tools on our platform, including Word to PDF converter, PDF to PNG conversion tool, etc.
    How to convert PPT to PDF with hyperlinks?
    PPT to PDF conversions on ONEPDF will keep all the layouts and formatting. That means hyperlinks in the PPT will maintain as well. To make any conversions on ONEPDF, all you need to do is uploading a PowerPoint to our platform and waiting for the process. The resulting PDF will be downloaded automatically to your device.
      Does converting PowerPoint to PDF reduce the size?
      Yes. Normally your PowerPoint size will be reduced after converting to PDFs, which is better to share with co-workers or any other person. If you would like to further decrease the file size, you may use a Compress PDF tool.