Converting PDF to PowerPoint: Tips and Best Practices

how to convert PDF to PPT

As an office worker, you need to regularly give a PowerPoint presentation for showing work accomplishments, and weekly or monthly working plan. As a teacher, you need to impart knowledge to your students in a fun and intelligible and a PowerPoint presentation is a good way to achieve it. Besides these two cases, millions of such cases are happening each day in the world.

So you might want to convert the ready-made PDF file to a PPT file for direct use or further editing, like extracting images or other elements.

A good PDF to PPT converter can help you make it easy. With so many PDF converters stuffed on the market, it will be difficult for you to distinguish which one is the best for you. No worries, here we will show you how to convert PDF to PPT with five online website converters with detailed guidance and some tips.

Part 1. Best Five Online PDF to PPT Converters

How to quickly convert PDF to PowerPoint? Below are the five website conversion tools letting you make it without installing software.

ONEPDF -100% Free Online PDF to PPT Converters

ONEPDF has a really clean interface so that you can get started with it immediately even if you are a newbie. It enables you to convert PDF to a variety of file types, including PPT, Word, and Excel that you can embed and vice versa. 

As one of the best online PDF converters, ONEPDF tries to preserve PDF’s quality as possible as it can. The process of uploading and converting a PDF is quick and painless. You can have a try yourself.

Using ONEPDF to convert PDF to PPT, only 3 steps are needed.

Step 1. Open ONEPDF PDF to PPT Converter in your web browser and upload the PDF file to ONEPDF by clicking the Select PDF file tab.

the PDF to PPT converter of ONEPDF

Upload PDF to ONEPDF

Step 2. When the PDF is successfully uploaded to ONEPDF, you will see the PDF file is displayed below. Click the Convert to PDF button to start PDF to PPT conversion.

upload PDF to ONEPDF

            Start PDF to PPT Conversion

Step 3. Once the process of converting is completed, click the Download File button to save it on your device. Open it and then you will find the PDF file has been converted to PowerPoint. 

the success conversion page of ONEPDF

Download the Converted File

Smallpdf – More Than A PDF to PPT Converter

Smallpdf is another web-based PDF to PowerPoint converter. It comes with tools, including a PDF converter (PDF to PPT, PDF to Word, PDF to images, PDF to Excel, JPG to PDF, Word to PDF, and more), PDF merger, PDF compressor, PDF editor, PDF scanner, PDF creator and PDF splitter to solve PDF problems. 

Below is a guide on using Smallpdf to convert PDF to PPT.

Step 1. Open the browser you usually use on your PC, mobile phone, or tablet and paste Smallpdf’s official site URL ( it.

Step 2. Now you have entered into Smallpdf official site. Navigate to Tools > PDF to PPT.

all tools of smallpdf

Smallpdf PDF to PPT Converter

Step 3. Smallpdf allows you to upload PDF files from your device or cloud platforms, like Dropbox and Google Drive. Here you choose one way as you need to import the PDF in Smallpdf to start conversion. 

Smallpdf PDF to PPT converter

Upload PDF to Smallpdf

Step 4. Smallpdf automatically starts converting the PDF once it detects the uploaded PDF is loaded successfully. It will take a little time to convert the PDF to PPT. After all, is done, you can click the Download button to save it on your device.

  1. PDF Converter – Easy-to-use PDF Converter

As its name indicates, PDF Converter is a pure PDF converter support converting PDF to other file types including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. A PDF batch conversion is also supported once.

Step 1. Access PDF Converter using your browser. Click the Choose File button to import the PDF.

the conversion page of Online PDF converter

Open PDF Converter

Step 2. After the PDF is imported, select To PowerPoint from the listed converters.

convert PDF to PPT with PDF Converter

Select PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Step 3. Now that the PDF has been converted to PPT. If there is one more PDF file to be converted to a PPT file, you can tap on the Plus icon on the left to add PDF files. Finally, you can tap the Download button to download the new PPT file.

download page of PDF to PPT

Download the New PPT File

Soda PDF Online – Makes PDF Editing Simple

Soda PDF online lets you convert PDF to PPT presentations from your web browser and any device. A range of file types are supported. It also provides a platform where you can create, merge, convert, compress, and sign your PDF files. Almost all PDF editing you need can be achieved by Soda. No need to register first, you can start quickly.

Step 1. Open the Soda PDF converter in your PC browser, and upload a PDF from your device or directly drop it here.

The conversion page of soda

Upload PDF to Soda

Step 2. Here are five options: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, and HTML. For our case, we can choose PowerPoint from them and then tap the CONVERT FILE button.

PDF Converter of Soda

Convert PDF to PPT Soda

Step 3. At this point, you will need to pay a subscription fee to proceed. After paying, it will start conversion.

PDF2GO – All-in-one PDF Editor

PDF2GO can convert all common files to PDF and also make it possible to compress and merge PDF files, change PDF file size, and rotate PDFs online. All PDF tools are listed separately, so you can quickly find the one you need. Also, no sign-up is required.

Step 1. Navigate to PDF2GO PDF to Presentation converter among the displayed tools.

all tools of PDF2GO

PDF2GO PDF Converter

Step 2. Choose a PDF file to upload. An uploading process bar is displayed to let you know how it is going with the file loading. And tap the start button to convert. 

PDF to PPT Conversion of PDF2GO

Start PDF to PPT Conversion PDF2GO

Step 3. Now your PDF file has been converted to a PPT file. You can directly download it or choose to click on the Download ZIP File button to save it as a ZIP file.

ssuccess download of PDF2GO

Download the New PPT PDF2GO

Cloudconvert – One of the Most Convenient PDF Converter

Cloudconvert is also an online PDF converter with features to convert PDF to PPT, and image files. It also allows you to merge PDFs. To meet more needs of different people, Cloudconvert even lets you save websites as PDFs, create websites screenshots PNG or JPG, and create a ZIP archive.

Now let us show how to use it to convert PDF to PPT presentation.

Step 1. Open Cloudconvert presentation converter using your web browser and select a PDF file that you want to convert to PPT.

the conversion page of Cloudconvert PDF converter

Select PDF to convert 

Step 2. You are allowed to convert to Cad (DXF), document (DOC, TXT, RTF), presentation (PPT, PPTX), image (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, and more), etc. We choose the PPT format here. And then click “Convert”.

the conversion page of Cloudconvert

Upload PDF to PPT Cloudconvert

Step 3. After the conversion is done, you can tap the download button to download the converted file. Or you can tap on the right button – Add more Files to upload more PDFs to convert.

the conversion page of Cloudconvert

Convert PDF to PPT Cloudconvert

Until now, all six online PDF to PPT converters have been introduced. All works well when it comes to converting files to or from PDF. You can choose one to have a try now.

Part 2. PDF Conversion FAQs

1. How to Preserve PDF’s Quality During Conversion?

When printing, the images will appear clear and easy for reading if the PDF is with high quality. So how can we make this happen?

Indeed, a professional PDF converter can help you output the converted file with less damage. ONEPDF can make this come true. Just upload your PDF files to ONEPDF, and this tool will handle the rest for you. You will get a fine converted file with all formatting well preserved.

In addition, it’s also important to make sure the inserted images in PDF are of high resolution and the text is easy to read. Thus, PDFs can be output with high quality.

2. Why Does PDF Conversion Fail?

During PDF conversion, you might receive a warning that the conversion failed. In this case, there are two reasons probably. First, your internet might be unstable and have an internet interruption, you can try to restart it. The second reason is that your PDF file is oversized and you can try to reduce its size.