PDF Compressor vs. ONEPDF: Which One is the Better for PDF Compression?

How to Compress PDF

Looking for a reliable tool to compress your PDF files efficiently and without losing quality? 

Two popular online tools for PDF compression are PDF Compressor and ONEPDF, both user-friendly and trusted by countless users. While the two tools have their unique features, you may find it not easy to decide which one is better for your needs.

The two tools we’re going to discuss are completely free, so you don’t have to worry about the price if you’re on a tight budget.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features, benefits, limitations, efficiency, user experience, and customer support of PDF Compressor and ONEPDF. Let’s dive in and find out the one achieves better PDF compression results.

Why Online PDF Compressors

While PDF files are the most common file type shared among students and colleagues, they have larger sizes compared to Word or Docs.

Online PDF compressors are handy tools that help you reduce the size of your PDF files without downloading software.

These tools help you optimize the images and text within your PDFs, offering you more efficient PDF files. With online PDF compressors, you will find it easy to not only share, but also upload or download the PDF files.

By using an online PDF compressor, you can:

  • Save storage space on your devices
  • Enjoy faster uploads and downloads process
  • Make sharing files online more convenient
  • Prevent attachment size limitations in emails or file-sharing platforms

To decide which web-based tool, PDF Compressor or ONEPDF, should be your go-to solution, let’s go into more details.

PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor is a free tool designed to reducec the size of large PDF files without compromising quality. 

Upload the PDF file online, use its user-friendly interface, so you can easily make the PDF file size smaller.


Some of the key benefits of using PDF Compressor are:

  • Ease of use: With a straightforward user interface, it’s easy for you to make one or 20 PDF files smaller at one time.
  • Compatibility: PDF Compressor works with various operating systems like Windows and macOS, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices.
  • Quality retention: It maintains the original quality of your document while reducing its size.
  • Fast processing: PDF Compressor processes your files quickly, saving time and effort.


While PDF Compressor is an excellent tool, it does come with some limitations:

  • Limited function: You can’t edit the PDF online before shrinking it.
  • Limited customization: The tool may not offer many customization options for tailoring the compression to your specific needs.


ONEPDF is a web-based platform that allows you to convert, compress, merge, and split PDF files

With a range of features the tool provides, minimizing and editing PDF files has never been so easy either for individuals or businesses. 

The PDF compressor from ONEPDF allows you to reduce the file size online in only three steps:

  1. Upload the Original PDF File.
  2. Choose the Compress Level: 3 PDF compress levels are available for corresponding results.
  3. Download the PDF File.


There are several benefits to using ONEPDF for your PDF compression needs:

  • Free to use: You don’t have to pay for any plans to use their services. The whole tool is completely free.
  • No registration required: You can use ONEPDF without creating an account, protecting your privacy. However, you will need to register if you need more PDF processing.
  • Batches compression: ONEPDF allows you to slim down up to 20 PDF files simultaneously, saving time and effort, particularly beneficial for dealing with large amounts of PDF documents.
  • Wide range of PDF operations: Apart from compacting PDFs, the platform offers various features such as converting, merging, and splitting PDF files.


Though ONEPDF has many advantages, for now, it doesn’t have an offline solution. 

Being a web-based platform, you’ll need internet access to use ONEPDF’s services. If you need to work with PDFs offline, ONEPDF might not be the best option.

Comparing Compression Efficiency & Quality

In terms of compression efficiency, both tools allow you to upload up to 20 PDF files at a time, ensuring size reduction without compromising quality.

When you use PDF Compressor, it’s more like a one-click thing, which means you can’t adjust the compression level according to your needs. You just have to accept the default compression results. Let’s look at the transformation that occurs after uploading a PDF:

On the other hand, ONEPDF gives you more control over the size and quality of the compressed PDF file. Here’s what it looks like once you upload a PDF file:

There are 3 compression levels you can select from:

  • Extreme compression: Good Quality, Smallest file size (Estimated compression: 67%)
  • Recommended compression: High Quality, Medium file size (Estimated compression: 37%)
  • Light compression: Best Quality, Less compression (Estimated compression: 26%)

Select the compression that best suits your requirements. For instance, if you intend to email or share your PDF files, we recommend you to choose Extreme Compression as it offers the smallest file size. 

If your purpose is to store the PDF files, Recommended Compression will be a good choice. Simply try different compression levels to figure out the best for you.

It’s also worth noting that ONEPDF offers a suite of PDF editing tools in addition to its compression capabilities. This added functionality may be valuable if you require more than just PDF file size reduction.

Comparing User Experience

Both PDF Compressor and ONEPDF have the basic features that can guide even a first-time user to successfully completing the PDF optimizing process.

PDF Compressor has limited fuctions. Hence, its user interface is straightforward, saving your time to make multiple PDF files smaller at once.

ONEPDF offers some unique features that set it apart from PDF Compressor. It allows you edit, merge, and split the PDF if you need to do some customization. Here are some of the features they offer: 

Comparing Customer Support

An qualified online PDF compressor should always provide 24/7 assistance to its users.

Though PDF Compressor has been online for a long time, it only provides limited information at the bottom of its page. If you encounter any issues, obtaining assistance from PDF Compressor can be quite difficult.

While ONEPDF stands out with extensive support resources. The FAQ page provides helpful troubleshooting tips, and you can also ask for their help by sending an email.

Additionally, ONEPDF’s Blog page offers a wealth of professional articles, where you can find in-depth guides on various PDF-related topics.

Overall, in terms of the level of customer support and range of resources available, ONEPDF excels at providing exceptional assistance to its users. 

Making the Right Choice

As two robust web-based compressors, PDF Compressor and ONEPDF have their advantags.

Before making the decision, consider the above aspects we’ve compared along with your specific needs and preferences.

PDF Compressor offers efficient PDF compression. If you

  • Only need to reduce the size of your PDF files without additional editing or organizing
  • Do not need to be specific about the compression level.

then PDF Compressor is a suitable choice. 

ONEPDF allows you to reduce your PDF file in a few clicks. It stands out for allowing users to 

  • select a desired compression level
  • edit, organize, sign the PDF before or after the compression

Remember to keep the overall goal and purpose of your PDF compression in mind when choosing between these two options. 

Try ONEPDF’s PDF Compressor now if you want to choose from 3 compression levels to resize files while optimizing document quality without compromising quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do PDF Compressor and ONEPDF compare in terms of compression quality?

When comparing the two tools’ compression quality, both tools are reliable. However, they use different algorithms and techniques. 

PDF Compressor gives the user the compressed PDF based on a default compression level to ensure optimal results.

ONEPDF employs sophisticated and intelligent compression methods, offering 3 compression levels, including good quality (Estimated compression: 67%), high quality (Estimated compression: 37%) and best quality (Estimated compression: 26%), for the users to select from according to their preferences.

If you haven’t used the two tools, upload the same PDF file to them and compare the compression results.

Can PDF compression be done without losing quality?

Yes, PDF compression can be done without losing quality when you are using advanced tool like ONEPDF.

If you have downloaded an optimized PDF that was not of high quality, it may be due to the lossy techniques that the tool employs.

When compressing super large PDF files at higher compression levels, a slight loss in quality may happen. Remember to adjust the settings while keeping the file size and the desired level of quality in mind.

Which software offers better results for different PDF file sizes?

PDF Compressor and ONEPDF both handle PDFs of varying sizes, from small to large.

ONEPDF does a better job in reducing the size of a larger PDF while maintaining quality. Its intelligent techniques and compression level options ensure significant size reduction without losing the clarity of the content.