How to Reduce PDF File Size

Sometimes it’s frustrating that PDF file sizes are large due to various factors such as content, images, and so on. When we are required to attach them to emails, upload them to websites, or share them on messaging apps, large PDF files will take up a lot of storage and are hard to read. To optimize your PDF documents for viewing and sharing, we need to reduce PDF files to a much smaller size at first. In this article, you will find various methods that will help you reduce PDF file size without compromising PDF file quality.

Reduce PDF File Size Online

Compressing PDF files online ensures efficiency and flexibility in emailing and transferring, as well as ease of storage for your device. If you are still looking for a free, practical and efficient PDF compression tool online, ONEPDF’s PDF compressor can do this trick and help reduce file size with a single click. Although you can resize large PDFs for free in a few simple clicks, ONEPDF still maintains maximum PDF clarity and ensures layout quality. It will definitely meet your needs. Follow the steps below and compress PDF free with just a few clicks.

  • Open ONEPDF’s website on your devices.
  • Drag and drop or select files to upload from your device, Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Select your compression settings. There are three compression levels available. They can reduce your files to different sizes, such as small, medium and high. Therefore, you need to choose an appropriate compression method according to your needs and estimated compression sizes. 
  • Choose “Compress PDF” button, and ONEPDF automatically reduces the PDF file size. This process may take a few seconds.
  • Once finished, you will see the reduced PDF file size. Select a location and download it to your device. If you ‘re not satisfied with the file size, you can start over.

Equipped with powerful compression algorithms, ONEPDF effectively shrinks the file size of PDF documents in seconds. No more obstacles to your productivity. The most attractive part is that it also allows you to slim down to 20 PDF files at the same time, saving time and effort, especially beneficial for someone who needs to deal with large amounts of PDF documents daily. Even though it processes 20 PDF files at the same time, ONEPDF optimizes document quality without compromising quality. So give it a try right now.

Reduce PDF File Size on Desktop

The best PDF compressors resize files for storage or sharing without losing quality and resolution in the process. In this information age, PDF documents tend to be relatively small for sharing across multiple devices and users. To make your documents more manageable, Adobe Acrobat is a top choice for the best PDF compressor overall on your Windows and Mac. Learn how to shrink PDF files to smaller sizes using Adobe Acrobat.

  • Download and open Adobe Acrobat on your Windows or Mac. 
  • Open the “Optimize PDF” tool from the “Tool” tab at the top left.
  • Select and open a file from your device to compress.
  • Select “Reduce File Size” from the top menu.
  • Set compatibility, click OK, and wait for the process to compress.
  • Choose a location and save your file on your device.

Adobe Acrobat is a helpful document tool for serious users who need many advanced features. It features several optimization tools that allow you to control the quality and file size of your PDF compression. But this is not a budget PDF compressor because it requires a monthly or annual subscription to gain access to the best-in-class tools.

Reduce PDF File Size on Mobile

Not surprisingly, at this time, we need to work remotely or on trips, and probably rely on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to get things done on the go. If you’ve ever had trouble opening or emailing a large PDF file on your mobile device, you’ll know how annoying it can be. The best solution is to reduce your PDF files into more manageable file sizes if you’re working with documents on the move. There are many PDF file compressor options available on your Android or iOS mobile device. Learn more below to compress PDF files in a simple and free way.

PDF Compressor 

This is one of the best PDF compressor apps on your iOS phone for free. Also, this PDF compressor application offers various unique features that make it stand out from other similar applications and produce great results. The compression speed is breakneck, making it on-the-go. It is a free tool for anyone who needs a reliable compressor.  

  • Download and open Compressor PDF on your Apple Store.
  • Tap on “Select PDF” from the app, you can easily select PDF files from many sources: iCould Drive, One Drive, Drive, Dropbox, On My iPhone.
  • Choose compression levels according to your needs: Less compression, recommended compression and extreme compression.
  • Select “Compress PDF”, and file manager automatically reads and compresses your PDF files in the blink of an eye.
  • Once done, save the reduced PDF to your phone. If you are not satisfied with the resized results, choose “Change Compression Level” and get your desired PDF size.

We have experienced that sometimes it takes a long time to select the PDF document from your phone, because we have no idea where the PDF file location is. The hassle-free way is that it allows you to open the PDF file and tab the “Share” button and in the menu choose “Copy to PDF Compressor” and ready to compress PDF. But it is a single-function app, and only supports making PDF files smaller.


For those who want an all-in-one PDF kit on your iOS and Android devices, the iLovePDF App is a smart choice. You select your PDF of choice and it uploads it to a server where the actual compression is done. You will be impressed with the compression solution. Follow this method to make your PDF smaller without opening your web browser:

  • Download and open the iLovePDF Mobile app on Google Play.
  • Tap Tools in the bottom tool bar and go to the “Compress PDF” tool .
  • Select the red + button to import a file from your device.
  • Tap Continue and choose your compression level: Extreme compression, Recommendation compression, and Low compression.
  • Click the Compress PDF button and wait for the process to upload your PDF files.
  • Once finished, go to the file and see how much you’ve made the file smaller.

In addition to PDF compression, it also allows you to merge and split PDFs, digitally sign PDF documents, and other functions. However, privacy concerns arise because you have to upload PDFs to the cloud.

These handy tools will optimize your PDF size by eliminating redundant content and reducing image resolution. There is no need to open a computer to compress PDF files while you are on the road.

Closing Thought

We hope this article has been informative enough to help you reduce PDF file size without losing quality. Leave a comment and let us know the method you prefer.